GVR: Taiwan Unification-Independence Opinion Survey

2017/3/28 10:0

Global Views Research Center:
Taiwan Unification-Independence Opinion Survey

Taiwanese pro-independence sentiment dropped to a 10-year low with only 23.4%, closing in the gap with those who prefer maintaining the status quo permanently.

      The latest Taiwan Unification-Independence Opinion Survey results in March 2017 showed that Taiwanese pro-independence sentiment has retreated to 23.4%, the lowest in the past 10 years. It dropped from the peak at 28.5% during the Sunflower Student Movement in early 2014.
       Meanwhile, the survey found that Taiwanese inclination toward “maintaining the status quo permanently” has increased to an all-time high, reaching 20.2%. This resulted in the smallest gap between “pro-independence” and “maintaining the status quo permanently” since 2008. The survey also pointed out that Taiwanese preference to “maintaining the status quo temporarily” has declined sharply in just 6 months from 40.5% in September 2016, to 34.1% in March 2017, while pro-unification remained stable over the past 10 years.
       Further diagnosis by combining temporarily and permanently upholding the status quo, about half of the Taiwanese in March 2017 (34.1% & 20.2%) now prefer maintaining the status quo, much more than that during the Sunflower Student Movement back in early 2014 (32.8% & 14.9%).

       In review of the 10-year trend, nearly 3 in 10 Taiwanese were pro-independence during the former Ma Ying-Jeou presidency whose KMT party promotes close ties with Beijing, but only about 2 in 10 are pro-independence under Tsai Ying-wen’s less-than-one-year presidency, whose party is pro-independence. The reverse trend is worth note-taking and further tracking.


      Global Views Research Center (GVR) has been tracking Taiwanese people’s current political stance and future aspiration on the unification-independence issue since 2006 on a semi-annual basis, considering that cross-straits relations are highly influential to the development and stability of Taiwan.

 Nearly half of the Taiwanese people lack confidence toward the President in maintaining peaceful cross-straits relations and protecting Taiwan’s interests.

       The March survey conducted by Global Views Research Center showed that nearly half (48.5%) of the Taiwanese people are not confident that President Tsai could concurrently maintain peaceful cross-straits relations and protect Taiwan’s interests.

        The survey further noticed that the level of confidence declined as age increased. Among those aged 20-29, those confident (46.1%) and not confident (46.9%) are nearly split in half. However, more than half in their 40s (51.3%) and 50s (57%) lack confidence toward the president in handling cross-straits relations.


       The latest Q3 survey was conducted by Global Views Research Center (GVR) in March 3-12, 2017. The survey collected 1,007 samples aged 20 or above via random-digit-dial sampling and computer-assisted telephone interviewing method. One can say with 95% confidence level that the margin of error is ±3.09%. Gender, living areas, ages, and educational level of the interviewees have undergone weighting procedure and test of the sample’s representativeness in the survey results.

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